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Updated: Sep 24, 2019

That's right! You read correctly, IN ONLY 8 HOURS!!!

Just hitched!
Oh this old thing???

I have been wanting a little camper forever. Tired of pitching a tent and getting wet, I spontaneously did it. I purchased this cheap little old beast spur of the moment one day before leaving to a music festival and poof, 8 hours later, she was transformed!

Sitting area BEFORE!

I didn't have a solid idea on what I was going to do, but I did know she was stuck in the 70's and wanted to come alive! You might not believe the 8 hour part, but it's true. I spent about 3 hours shopping, building the vision as I went, and 5 straight hours hands on transforming the camper. Knowing in the back of my head I wanted to stay true to Forge & Furbish's vision of eliminating excess I was conscious to utilize as much of what I already had on hand as I could. I knew I had black curtains along with white and black and gold fabrics already in my storage bin that I could pull out, so the images that were developing in my mind made for a crisp clean look, building off the basics of a monochromatic design theme.

AFTER photo of the sitting area!

I started with a solid white paint with primer included. I quickly concluded that I wanted to go camping the next day, and this little boss babe would need several coats in order to receive full coverage. I didn't have time. My creative mind found the solution in painting with a more distressed easy going beach style so perfection was unnecessary and the look turned out perfect for my precious GLAMper!

Blasted with full on seventies!

The kitchen area was lacking all the beach vibes I wanted to feel. The before photo shows wallpaper coming off, grungy appliances and an inefficient use of front space under the sink. I stepped back and knew the fridge was the target focal point for ugliness, so I tackled that first. After a thorough wash, I was able to find a fun 3D light weight art piece to super glue onto the front face. It's always amazing to me that something so simple can create just the right impact. Now when you enter the GLAMper, it's the first thing you see and it really sets the ambience of monochromatic beach energy! I was also able to take of the paper towel rack, add a lovely black multi purpose storage container to the front panel and distress the cupboards and drawer with simple paint techniques that made for a fast and easy renovation .

I really should have taken the photos myself!  I know there is an iced tea can in there.  Please can I have a camera for my next birthday?!
Beach Vibes with splashes of copper to punch some colour into the monochromatic scheme.

Yes, I take my soda stream GLAMping with me... because, duh, mojitos!!!!! I even bring my fresh mint with me. True story, I am THAT kind of a girl! The back splash was a very simple foil and 3D foam sticker that I bought 2 of for a total of $4.00 CAN dollars. Yes, I know, ethically, totally out of alignment. But my wallet said "Thank You" and that speaks to the values of Forge & Furbish too. We do our best with what we can in all aspects. Sometimes a budget is FOR REAL and pushing things to the edge doesn't really help anyone. I always strive to balance all parts of a project for my clients meaning my team takes everything into consideration. So let's talk pillows!

Honestly the pillows were my highest expense. It's really where all my budget went. And even then, I feel like I was able to source out a great price! I love them. I cannot emphasize how much pillows can change your look completely. I saved money too, on flooring and table top space by using stickers. YES. STICKERS!!!! Seriously! My wood floor is not actually a wood floor at all. I placed vinyl wood looking stickers over top the pre-existing floor for a look I LOVE that saved me massive amounts of work and money. I used marble looking contact paper for all the table tops too for that same WOW factor while maintaining a happy purse! I also realize I did not take any photos of this to show you, so sorry readers, you have no idea what I'm talking about! It's ok, I will do my best to get one up here soon! Maybe after I purchase that new camera I want so badly! I would love to see your future or current GLAMper photos / idea books. Send them my way Forgers! Happy GLAMping!

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