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CHALLENGE: Make a boho dream for a sweet 16... WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING NEW!

Walking into the small and cluttered bedroom of the sweetest artistic16 year old girl I've ever met got my own heart fluttering with ideas. Heres how I constructed my vision into reality for yet another Forge + Furbish challenge project.

Boho Boss Babe Bedroom!

Layers, Textures, Colours, FUN! It was really important to my 16 year old client that we work with what was already in existence in her life and create a super cozy getaway where she could really chill.

Gallery Wall!

Because this brilliant 16 year old loved art and dance and all things creative, a gallery wall was a perfect opportunity to find a way for her to be surrounded by what she really adores.

I left many frames empty so my client could fill and change out photos as she desires.

When creating a gallery wall, it works great to find and collect all the pieces, then experiment with the layout using the floor as your back ground. Sometimes I also use paper and painter's tape if I want to visualize the exact plan on the wall itself. Both ways seem to work well for me. I always try to add in pops of surprises too. For example, in this gallery layout, I added circles and a tea pot to surprise your eyes. I also keep some things familiar, like a frame colour, for example, to hold the entire unit together as though it reads as one full art piece. Using canvases of similar shape and colour palates keep a sense of balance. Because I was forging a bohemian room, I decided to add a fun clothes pin and fringe detail where my client could hang fun things like her sticker collection or mini photos taken with her polaroid camera.

A papas chair always looks cozy and my book loving client loves a good read, so this window nook was perfect!

I love window treatments And for boho designs, you can really play with textures and fabrics. I tied this window together by repeating the fringe and clip cord and layering it with a scarf. I framed the window in sheers to offset the heaviness of the chair and comfy throws.

Baskets always work for a boho feel. I was able to fill this lidded treasure with heavy blankets to warm my client for the winter that's coming. The edge table offers her a place to charge her phone, hold a keepsake clock gifted to her from her grandfather, and a lovely place to burn a scented candle to fill the room with a sweet impact.

I was able to combine functionality and beauty with the illusion of a built in by covering old ikea bookshelves in marble contact paper. The result was surprising and offers form and utility.

Bohemian design is all about free spirited whimsy. When my client saw her room for the final reveal, she was the most excited girl I've ever seen. That's why we do what we do. Forge + Furbish is about creating beauty everywhere, no matter the client, no matter the style, no matter the budget. We match the design to you and your needs and the gift we receive is the smile on your face.

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