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Today's inspiration comes from the talented Designer and Stylist, Darci Angeline.

Meet Darci Angeline! She's more than just a home run designer, creativity runs through her blood. Her stunning innovations are inspired directly from the space she's provided and personal consultations with her clients to produce one of a kind masterpieces.

“This particular design session was created from the love I feel when I'm basking in the sunshine beach side, tanned, calm, and refreshed .”

When Darci's client contacted her for a bedroom makeover for her teenage daughter, on a budget, Darci Angeline Designs was up for the challenge!

First Consultation With Client

'I was excited to start working on a bedroom vision for my client. I love the negotiation process of learning my client's needs and desires and mastering a final look where everyone steps back knowing the process was collective."

"I think a beach theme would be PERFECTION!"

"Initially I set up an informal meeting to discuss my client's intentions. After discussing budget details with the mother, it was the teenage daughter, whose room I was to transform, I was most excited to meet. With a desire to travel to hot places, this teen was an avid volleyball player with a warm personality and a genuine friend to many. I could tell she didn't really have a lot of preferences for ideas which made for an exciting blank canvas for me to work on. Her room was small so I needed to consider how to best suit the organizational needs of this energetic and athletic teen. I suggested a beach theme and her response was pure delight so I knew I had a winner of an idea and the design of the room took off from there."

Darci's Design Details

"I cleared the colour scheme with my client and started by painting a stripe pattern to add width, dimension, and theme to the small room. I knew I would need to build spaces for make-up and home work so I came up with a simple duo desk/vanity area complete with nautical netting that I spent an evening making since our budget was small. Easy steps like this add massive value while keeping finances under control. Re-purposing an old white chair and adding simple wood crates made for a perfect sitting place with storage. Combining beauty, functionality and balance in a space are priorities for me and it all comes down to details. I splurged on lovely fabrics for curtains, pillows, and bedding as well as adorning the room with useful hooks and of course an essential element for me, lighting. Shells and sea glass finished the overall "vacation at home" look I imagined for this bright and polished teen beach bedroom getaway!"

Darci Angeline continues to explore theme and style to suit each individual's personality, and we at Forge + Furbish applaud her design choices!

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