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Meet the visionary behind Forge + Furbish's

Creative Design Firm

Let this be an introduction to an on-going conversation about all things creative! That's exactly what Zoie Greiner is all about. In fact her name and the word creativity are practically synonymous!

With her roots in dance, theatre, and arts, this little awesome magnet set out to make a living from what she was passionate about: creativity, organization, beauty, and being in service. It all started with a little decoration and design here, then there... then everywhere! Whenever people entered "Zoie created spaces" the entire mood and ambience would adapt to the feelings she tried to capture from her creative vision. Whether it was re-designing her own bedroom for the millionth time, Halloween decorating for community events, or creating elaborate table scapes and window store fronts, Zoie just seemed to have what it takes to bring beauty and inspiration into existence. When people started to ask her to produce her talents in their homes and companies, Forge + Furbish was born!

Forge + Furbish Mission Statement

“Our mission is to create beauty EVERYWHERE, generating ease and function through design, organization, and service to all clientelle while maintaining mindful and ethical purchasing practices..”

Founded on January 22, 2017, the company set out to slowly but surely build a strong foundation and by November, Zoie could tell social media would be playing a large roll in growing her design firm to the next level of service to her clients.

Magazine Quality Design

One picture on facebook and her dreamjob of creating beauty for others came alive (#beauty #dreamjob #forgeandfurbish). It was an after picture of a furniture re-furbish that caught the eye of her friends, and once word got out it was Zoie who had re-pourposed the peice, people were curious and reached out. Forge + Furbish was on the map, and here to stay.

Stun Your Clients

“Be original, show off your style, create beauty everywhere!”

Even though design and decor were the portals to Forge + Furbishes success, this company offers so much more to create ease and luxury in her client's lives. From event planning, artistic forging and furbishes of furniture and unique pieces, decluttering and organizing, even shopping and wrapping presents, Zoie and her team were there to make her client's personalized desires happen.

Get Inspired

How can you create more beauty in your life? Zoie Greiner from Forge + Furbish Creative Design Firm has some helpful "Topia Tips" to get you started! (#timetoimprove #declutter #organize #createbeauty)

-Evaluate how your surroundings make you feel and know you can create any feeling throguh creative design and ambience

-Declutter and organize: You really can function better internally if your surroundings have order and structure

-Use your imagination combined with external inspiration to create an idea. Don't be afraid to build off the collective hive by researching photos of pinterest or you-tubing!

-If you are stuck, ask for help! Professionals (Like the team at Forge + Furbish) are there to do the diy's you just don't want to!

-start creating your own visions now!. Good luck!

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