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How do you transport a garage that is currently being used as a dojo into a winter wonderland to host 30 guests? Decorate a CHRISTMAS TREE!

This year I was so blessed to create several different Christmas trees for many different clients whose tastes and styles all differ. I had already transformed this garage into my clients dream... a dojo that caters to brazillian jiu jitsu and wing chun. You can find more on that project by searching through my blog posts! Now, my client requested I transform his dojo into a space that could sleep his lare family who were visiting over Christmas. No problem! The easiest solution; decorate an oversized Christmas Tree with pinecones, burlap, berries, and greenery.

I started by layering real cedar into the fake tree after I had finished draping the lights inside and around the branches. Berries and Burlap came next by poking the garland vertically down the tree to create a longer taller look which was necessary to draw the lines up with the high ceilings.

I finished the look off by adding pre-made pinecone sprays, candy canes, and natural ornaments like tree branches, wicker balls, and seisel woven bits. The outcome? A beautiful natural warm winter retreat!

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