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CHALLENGE: Create a modern, crisp, clean white kitchen!

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

A grandmother's dream come true to cook for her many grandchildren.

View from the living room. Bright. Airy. Clean.

Family Rules! View from the dining room.

Creating vignettes of interest that add a sense of warmth and colour. Antique canister tins that have been passed down were a great addition to the stories that will be shared for many years to come in this timeless kitchen. Home-made coffee cake displayed proudly to get the taste buds salivating. If only you could smell the cinnamon goodness in real life! Orchid housewarming gifts matched with fresh greens from the garden light up the white marble back drop. The shadows created by these fantastic black metal covers create an interesting visual on the ceiling which adds to the needed texture in a mostly smooth kitchen. Heirloom wooden shakers, an antique toothpick holder and a Mexican trivet show nicely in the reflection of the shiny black flat top stove.

A simple splash of greenery on a wooden tea tray add colour and effect to the counter top of super functional drawer systems.

"Grandma" really wanted a kitchen with a view. Given some architectural restrictions based on zoning, the width of the kitchen couldn't hold french doors to the outdoor coffee nook, so a door with a view holds the answer to letting more light in.

Symmetry is always a great option in design.

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