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CHALLENGE: Make a poppin' party complete with the perfect POPCORN bar!

Copper mugs help to scoop out delectable kernels to satisfy tummies before the main event.

An adorable little country hall comes alive at a 50th Birthday Bash for an awesome couple near their cabin close to Sundre, Alberta, Canada.

Forge & Furbish had a blast creating the ambience for this rustic barn dance themed 50th birthday party in the cutest little hall you ever did see set in the beautiful foothills of Alberta. The hit seemed to be the popcorn bar complete with Simply Salted, Chicago Mix, White Cheddar and Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn! The family event had kids at this table all night adding all the extras from salts to nuts to candy and butters! At the request of our client, tables were asked to be set with no table clothes and a simple moveable table setting so that when it was time to dance all could be moved and space could be easily created. Patio lights kept the intimate ambience throughout the party.

Every tables was set with either a wild flower setting or candles. All the flowers were collected locally around friend's farms and on the side of country back roads. It's part of how we stay aligned to the deep values of Forge & Furbish where we maintain a close relationship to ethics around waste and conservation. It also helps us to stay on smaller budgets which makes our clients truly able to celebrate! Almost all the dishes were found around the family's cabin so that we could create a beautiful rustic ambience and cut costs exponentially compared to other event planning companies. The reviews came back and we couldn't be more pleased... We've booked a wedding for the summer of 2020 to do another popcorn bar because our client's friends were so impressed! Happy Birthday Pat & Geri!

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