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CHALLENGE: Make an office beautiful using ONLY re-used items!

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Great Canadian Travel Group: Travel Agency Move and Make-over

Receiving the opportunity to re-imagine a trusted travel agency was a blessing for my company to integrate the values that Forge + Furbish holds in bringing the old into the new. It was a total dream to create this warm, industrial, vintage eclectic agency! Our design team was able to keep furniture out of landfills and expand our ability to revamp life into a space that would not normally be considered a possible store front!

The new boardroom Table that makes everyone feel welcome. The chairs were purchased off kijiji and the table was made from old table tops left in storage from a furniture client of mine. Refurbishing the old into the new is our specialty.

The Great Canadian Travel Group in Edmonton met with our design team to forge forward into an old arts loft space that looked more like a dirty garage than a place for clients to create dream trips. The travel group was moving from an old 70's office building. Our job was lofty: minimize to maximize. There were challenges in downsizing to fit the new space, but our client was determined to step into a future where less is more. Moving forward, the company's move meant leaning into an up and coming vibrant arts community. Forge + Furbish was the bridge between old and new while keeping the Industrial Vintage Eclectic ambience of the new neighbourhood.

BEFORE: Old Office, Straight from the 70's. A vintage desk from the old office was eventually refurbished to use in the new arts district loft space.

How were we going to integrate 70's furniture into the grungy old garage that was to be remade into a travel agency? Once we had assessed what we could re-use from the old office, we were able to specifically formulate a plan and create a complete design for the loft.

AFTER: New Office, The vintage desk looks right at home in 2019!

There was something great about the industrial bones of the new loft space. We were in love with the indoor outdoor feel that traveling to hot tropical vacations embody, so we knew the oversized garage door was going to stay but we needed to ensure more light could be brought in. By inserting large windows at the top, we were able brighten the space. It was critical to consider how the sunlight would affect computer glare. Forge + Furbish always does it's best to combine design beauty with functionality and in a workspace the necessity for both is even more important.

BEFORE: Industrial bones with old cement floor. AFTER: Windows inserted & office equipment in

The windows were a blast for our team to find. We do our best to scour new and used site, but the real treasure was found at a re-use centre in west Edmonton where we settled on a port hole style t

Re-upholstering the old chairs was a small step with great impact. The colour palette was fun to pick out; the inspiration, tobacco.

ABOVE: The process of refurbishing. After choosing a colour palette, we took these terrible looking chairs from the 70's building to our trusty upholsterer. Once he viewed the $519.00 USD inspired chair photo, he priced out a new option for us. The backing, metal arms and legs, along with the covering all had to be re-done. We were able to get a great deal far less then any other chair in this style we could find in both stores and the internet. For $150.00 CND per chair, we at Forge + Furbish were able to save money and save the environment by keeping several humble chairs out of the landfill.

The two sets of stairs were huge projects in and of themselves. Working with the carpentry contractors we were able to collaborate with different design concepts and two beauties came to fruition. A remake of an old spiral staircase turned into one of our favourite features of the entire project, but the wood staircase is a real jaw dropper.

Utilizing the space under the stairs was a great way to add an essential coffee bar for clients, separate from the kitchen area.

From start to finish, The Great Canadian Travel Group offered Forge + Furbish the chance to really showcase fresh concepts in merging the past with the present. This is our dream. Take trash to treasure and keep as much out of landfills as possible. From the port windows to the re-vamped lighting, we took the opportunity to save our clients money and give them their dream space.

BEFORE, DURING, & AFTER. Construction process!

If you are curious about our work, Please contact Forge + Furbish for consultations and quotes!

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